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The Company
The Latin Dance Company: The Longest running Salsa dance class in the State. Several of the cities' Salsa/Bachata/ Cha-Cha teachers started here. See our locations and prices here on the Class Schedules, rates, and locations page.  
 Experience Matters
Christine "La Maestra" Almeida, has years of experience to better serve her students and her name is a recognized brand in the city of Milwaukee's Latin Dance Community.  She is credited as the first to introduce talented Salsa club dancers to prestigeous performing arts venues such as the Milwaukee Art Museum's Calatrava, the Center for the Performing Arts, the Peck Pavillion and more. She paved the way for other young dancers. As former Publicist and Media Coordinator for the World Largest Bachata Congress and Music Festival, "The DC Bachata Congress and Music Festival, she has interviewed and witnessed performances of the best Latin dancers in the world. Almeida has formed several Dance and Entertainment enterprises and today she teaches all levels of students, in her home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and enjoys watching them develop into seasoned dancers. Christine travels extensively and in 2017 she will be touring specifically to work with reknowned professionals to enchance her student's learning experience through workshops and classes.  
Social Network
You will find our Page in Facebook,  under the Latin Dance Company Entertainment Production Company, but we are also known as The Milwaukee Baile Salsa Meetup; a Social Network Portal: designed to get people off of the internet and meeting friends,  face to face, and dancing, with real people! Membership is free at