The Latin Dance Company
A Subsidiary of LDC Entertainment Productions, Inc. Enterprises

When Learning to Dance, Experience Matters!

We Teach You Techniques that Make You the One They Hope to Dance With

At the Latin Dance Company we believe that every student deserves a solid foundation from which you can build to become an accomplished and confident social dancer or, if you choose, a performing artist. We know that students learn differently, and we aim to create a teaching environment that focuses on your individual style. Our extensive experience enables us to recognize and point out habits that may be holding you back from your personal best. If becoming a performer is your goal, we will make you exciting to watch. LDC teaches techniques that help you to be a better lead and follow and the person that people look for when that favorite song is playing. We offer several group, and private lessons a week, for different levels of dance expertise, so that you can find your perfect starting place. Our 16 years of teaching gives you the cutting edge! 

  • We teach a variety of club style salsa, bachata, cumbia and more!
  • You can learn at your pace.
  • We follow a criteria from which you can gage your progress.
  • Produce social events and gatherings to practice what you've learned.
  • Create opportunities to perform on an amatuer level.
  • Teach you showmanship, and audience building.
  • Provide a placement analysis to determine your starting level 
  • Learn from a dance coach with over 16 years of experience in the industry. 

Several area dance teachers started here!